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The Sponge Bob Movie 2

This was a project that I had the opportunity to work on while I was at Rhythm and Hues back in 2012. I was asked to work on the pitch for Sponge Bob 2. At that point in my life I hadn't watched an episode of Sponge Bob in my entire life. So apologies to the superfans if I didn't get the essence or characters right. I grew up on Animaniacs, which I guess would be the equivalent for someone my age. The prompt I had was to make the Sponge Bob characters into live action superheros. Nothing really beyond that.  At the time it was recently announced that Disney had acquired Marvel, but I assumed since Paramount was still distributing, I figured they could somehow crossover. So I made an attempt to match up many of the main characters into their corresponding Avenger counterpart. 

I had the most fun working on Sponge Bob himself. I had to figure out the anatomy, and made him into a human Sponge. 

I think this was the only contribution I had that evolved into something that made it onto the screen. At least I'd like to think so. I wanted to make Mr Krabs into Iron man. Whoever got to finalize the superhero designs made him into a robot which is sorta similar...? Maybe not.

 Squidward was the hardest because I wasn't sure if his nose was a tentacle, or a nose...

 Unfortunately I didn't get to finish this one. I'd figure the gag was that Plankton was the Loki equivalent, and when they pulled out, he was a tiny creature on grains of sand.

Didn't finish this one

My art director wasn't too happy with this one because it was too phallic. I said that was the point! 

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Nintendo 2DS Display

Monday, May 12, 2014

Godzilla vs Charles Barkley II

Since the new movie came out and, it's the NBA playoffs, I decided to illustrate a sequel to a famous comic.

Monday, March 31, 2014


I don't usually paint stuff like this, but I was stressed out lately, and I wanted to unwind a bit tonight.